Virgínia Derqui

Virgínia Derqui was born in Argentina.

Austerity and Commitment Devotion embodied in a patient and obstinate elaboration of the substance over the composition; it is maybe a homage to the pictorial function.


Considering the somehow mechanical tendency of today’s art, Virgínia Derqui haschosen to return to painting , saturating surfaces, drawing outlines firmly, feeling  almost in a sensual way the pleasure of the substance transforming it into something alive.


If we could appreciate that in her previous exhibition we can observe now that this has been emphasized.


However, there are some other variables: a different use of the space that tends to shift

The image as if it were gravitating towards a departure, towards a commitment off the canvas. The volume has turned extremely huge almost announcing a mural and just few colors are enough to support her proposal.


Furthermore, a well balanced depuration, an austerity that transforms these visual metaphors into a perceptive testimony of an extreme purity is added. 


Therefore, we can wonder what is hidden behind an abstract painting. Generally, this question conceals an enigma; it arises among inferences and searches.


If we delved into what Virgínia Derqui’s paintings hide the answer could be: “Gestations”, that have gone through the summit of growth and that have flown like birds without a fix destiny maybe imbued with rescues, persistence or desire that explains how much its found in devotion and transference.


As Paul Eluard put it,

We are body with body we are dust with dust

  we are born anywhere, and we are limitless.”