The gallery’s philosophy is to exhibit mainly the work of modern and contemporary artists. Nevertheless, the gallery also supports and showcases new talents. The core that moves our brand is to present and work with art in all its languages; music, performance, literature, photography and painting, with passion and dedication. Rita Ficher is seen in Basel as a benchmark for contemporary art, thanks to her experience of the art market, in which she was able to specialize during the Biennale of São Paulo.

“Only the courage to open the door to the realm of wisdom, and encounter the unknown there, can lead to the creation of something new. Writers, composers, artists tirelessly create the world anew. All of them are children of freedom who recreate themselves in the context of art, translate this experience into painting, music, modulated words, notes and gestures, write colors, draw verses, communicate dreams!”

Rita Ficher Rohr

Galerie Ficher Rohr

Contemporary Art

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