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Galerie Ficher Rohr präsentiert: Lovers

January 6, 2022

A Photofilm Japan/Deutschland 2001 30 Min. D/E/F/PRT/JAP/d. Farbe. Digital HD Regie: Betty Leirner Betty LeirnerThe essential ambiguity of language It is timely to cast a glance over Betty Leirner pioneering work particularly when artisticconvergence is such a topical debate. The artist’s photographs, films and photofilms are precisely set along this frontier where it is hard to percieve the differences between the related forms of expressions she uses. On one hand, Betty Leirner’s cine-videographic work dialogues with photography; Lovers is identified in…

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Ficher Rohr Interview with the artist Karl Alexander Herrmann

December 21, 2021

Translation from German by J.W. Gabriel Rita: Do you take photographs unconsciously or do you rely on some concept? Karl: Unconsciously, intuitively. I rely on a certain suspicion which I cannot put a name to and wouldn’t want to name. Places have always appealed to me, ever since childhood, a little corner of the garden, say. Later my field of vision expanded, which is why I have always liked landscapes. This grew stronger when, at age eleven, I saw books…

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Joseph Beuys

December 20, 2021

Bitte in Beuys bezahlen! In der Basler Galerie Ficher Rohr entpuppt sich Joseph Beuys als dekorativer Geldkünstler…

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Kunst als Geldanlage

December 17, 2021

Die Besucher der Art Basel frönen nicht nur der schönen Kunst, sie gehen vor allem auch einkaufen. Die Preise am Markt explodieren. Doch wer Geld hat, investiert in Kunst. Eine lukrative, aber risikoreiche Geldanlage.…

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Frank Stella: Scarlatti and Bali Sculpture Series

December 17, 2021 | As part of the first edition of the St. Moritz Art Masters (SAM), theres an exhibition with 5 sculptures of Frank Stellas Bali Series and 3 sculptures of the Scarlatti Series (Courtesy Ficher Rohr Gallery, Basel). The exhibition is presented in the Paracelsus Building near the Hotel Kempinski, an old pump room of the St. Moritz Mineral Spring Water. On the first press day of SAM we met with Prof. Dr. Franz-Joachim Verspohl, who gave a short introduction…

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