Gerhard Richter and Ventura

November 26, 2017

In the present exhibition, the worlds of two artists – those of Gerhard Richter and Ventura – meet. Despite the fact that these worlds lie geographically so far apart, their visual language brings them into close proximity.

With his composition Forest I, the composer Sven-Ingo Koch attempts to raise the veil that conceals the works of art. For us , it is an entirely new experience to see an expression in visual art translated into an auditory one, and to receive and feel both simultaneously through our senses.

Everyone concerned contributed with great passion to our project, and the artists have put the idea into practice with infectious enthusiasm.

Only the courage to open the door to the realm of wisdom, and encounter the unknown there, can lead to the creation of something new.

Writers, artists, composers tirelessly create the world anew. All of them are children of freedom who recreate themselves in the context of art, translate this experience into painting, music, modulated words, notes and gestures, write colors, draw verses, communicate dreams!

We cordially thank everyone involved for their dedication and the trust shown by Sven-Ingo Koch in the project.

Rita Ficher-Rohr
Autumn 2014